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I know what it's like to wonder deep down if I have a purpose.  I know how it feels to desire more for my life but not knowing how to go about it.  I know how painful it can feel to be living and doing things out of alignment and wondering when or if it will ever work....

I'm here to show you the Zen Babe way: that you CAN create a healthy, balanced, Zen, abundant and happy AF business and life. 

You can feel amazing.  You can create the business of your dreams.  You CAN design a life that fills you up.  You can have emotional wellbeing. 

It begins with honoring who YOU truly are.  It's a connection with a power greater than you.  It's aligning your actions, habits and life with the person you are meant to be.  With who she is at her highest potential.  

It's time you start co-creating the life and biz of your dreams.  Health. Zen. Abundance. Love.  Let's manifest together - 

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Be Healthy.
Living your best life means treating your health as a top priority! We are all about the natural health and wellness solutions around here, baby. 
Be Abundant.
Getting paid for helping others and being YOU is possible.  Tune into  abundance, be in a state of gratitude, do the work and it will be given. 
Be Zen.
Obviously.  Life is meant to feel good.  Anxious feelings, overwhelm and more aren't the norm - you get to live in a state of peace, love and joy (YAY!) 
"Remember- You are worthy. Love yourself!"
~ Alisha Leytem ~
Live Your Zen. 
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What People Are Saying
 I used struggle with my shyness(confidence) in any situation outside of my 2" x 2" comfort zone, and was hesitant to connect. 

Post zen babe programs - feeling amazing! The zen babe cleanse has taken life to a whole new level, has brought on a whole new perspective of what life can be and has really opened the door us to all things! <3 I am feeling SOOO positive and inspired. And I just keep feeding my soul with all the good things. Reading inspirational books, oils, meditation, angel cards, journaling and I am so proud of myself for how kind I am being to myself - and for at least noticing when I am not. Of course I have my off moments/days but I feel like I have so many tools in my toolbox now to get me back to high vibes. So thank you!

-Emily Speight, Chicago
"After battling with depression and anxiety I finally came to a place where the biggest issue was anxiety- Which still sucked! I was functional in my life but I had this horrible soul sucking anxiety every single day... I had an idea of what it was, but I wasn't entirely sure. After going to therapy, I tried many things that helped me a little bit, but nothing really worked- it makes me feel sad to even remember that I was crying almost every single day in bathrooms and was always texting my boyfriend for help to stop feeling bad or having panic attacks where I would cry for hours uncontrollably... my man was there for me... other people were there for me... my therapist was there for me... but it seemed like there wasn't much anybody could do... but just be there.

I am now staring my own business, moving in with my boyfriend, planning big things for my life & most importantly I feel happy and I feel like myself again. I'm able to feel alive, to enjoy walks, enjoy being present, and just happy again. It brings tears to my eyes to feel so joyful. I am so so grateful for the Zen Babe Programs and for Alisha's work. Thank you!" 

-Areli Andrea Teran, Boston
Just over a year ago, I had just moved to Chicago, with a nanny job I knew was only going to be secure for a month. No idea what I wanted to do after that. Was blocked from seeing what it was that excited me about life, what I was naturally and authentically good at. I was letting past relationships and guilt hold me back. I felt undeserving and that I had to do everything on my own. I was terrified at the thought of going through another long period of unemployment - as I struggled after graduating to find a job.

From [The Zen Babe Programs] I was able to gain insight on what it was that lit up my soul and excited me. Insight on how to have fun with life and love with an open heart. Tools to take action and stop playing victim. Insight on how to strengthen my confidence and voice my truth. It not only helped me physically unblock energy centers that were affecting my relationships, digestion, head and shoulder tension, but also my emotions and feelings. It showed me my limiting beliefs that were chaining me down from being my best self. It improved my responses in my relationships. I went from reactive and defensive to a more calm, patient, and confident woman. But most importantly it helped me learn how to take action and empower myself with daily routines.

I believe [the zen babe programs] has led me to being open to new opportunities and seeing things with a more loving perspective. It has led me to starting my own business and being a leader to women who are committed to growing and being their healthiest, badass, empowered selves.

-Kim Leskovec, Chicago
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