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Be Healthy. 
Living your best life means treating your health as a top priority! We are all about the natural health and wellness solutions around here, baby. 
Be Abundant. 
Getting paid for helping others and being YOU is possible. Tune into abundance, be in a state of gratitude, do the work and it will be given. 
Be Zen. 
Obviously. Life is meant to feel good. Anxious feelings, overwhelm and more aren't the norm - you get to live in a state of peace, love and joy (YAY!) 

Who Is The Chakra Challenge For? 
  •  Chakra Newbies (you are SUPER intrigued about chakras and want to learn what TF they are and how they can help you have more energy, focus, joy and support you in living your highest potential!)
  • Chakra Enthusiasts - you know your chakras in and out and are ready for a chakra reset to flowwwww
  • Soul-Seekers on a mission to live their FULLEST potential!
  •  Those who desire to intentionally focus their mind/body energy to be clean, aligned and high-vibe
  •  Babes who want to learn how to balance their chakras with essential oils (the BEST clearing tool for chakras!!)

What Are People Saying About Their Experience?! 
"I am so blown away. Best challenge ever!"
- Sabrina
"I experienced some really wonderful shifts particularly in my third eye, heart and root chakras. it's very exciting and I will be incorporating crystals as well along with certain yoga poses. so grateful for you love, light and mentorship!" - Lauren
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