Do you desire to release what's holding you back and finally create the life of your dreams?

> Do you desire to wake up every morning feeling inspired and excited for the day? 

> Do you wonder "is this it? There must be something MORE!"

> Do you want to learn more about the chakras? (How they work? What they do? How to balance them?)

> Do you worry about not living up to your full potential or receiving your true desires? 

> Do you fear that you how your life is currently is how it will always be?

> Are you waiting for something to change in your life?

> Do you want to finally squash your self-doubt and START living your DREAMS NOW?

> Do you find yourself dreaming about feeling totally alive, full of inner-peace and magnetic to positivity?

> Are you tired of feeling stuck or held back from doing what you truly desire?

> Do you find yourself thinking about what the possibilities are for your life but find that you aren't moving forward towards it or that it's not working out for you? 

> Are you a soul seeker who desires a true, authentic spiritual connection who can easily tune in to her intuition and follow her heart?  

I totally get it.  I've been there. 

At different points in my life, all of the above has been true for me. 

I wanted to wake up everyday feeling inspired and excited, but didn't know how. 

I knew I was meant for more, but found myself daydreaming and feeling too stuck to take any action. 

My life wasn't BAD, but it wasn't what I knew deep down that it could be. 

I was doing okay but I felt in my heart that I could be happier and more fulfilled. 

I wanted so badly to live as my best self!

I'll never forget the time in my life when I realized that it was up to me to change my life if I wanted to change my life - that nobody wasn't coming to save me.  I had to save myself!

Shortly after that declaration, I discovered my "map" to getting there - our 7 main chakras. 

I dove head first into learning and applying everything I could to clear and balance my chakras. 

The more I balanced my energy centers, the more alive I began to feel.  I found that I had totally transformed from the inside, and it started to show on the outside of my life. 

Then the Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse was born.  I designed it to help others change their energy and transform into true balance and wellbeing. 

And nearly 100 women have gone through this program with me (sooo many results - clients getting engaged, moving to their dream location, getting promoted, releasing their negativity, started successful businesses, worked through their anxiety, grew their business and so much more. You can read their testimonials below). 

A lot has transpired since I first created The Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse 3.5 years ago. 

I have gone so DEEP in clearing and working my chakras, that I have created my dream life! 

I have created a successful business that allows me to have a big impact on the world and I get to do it by being me!  I was able to buy my dream home in the Southern California mountains.   Two months after buying our home, my husband quit his job and started his own very successful consulting company.  I travel regularly - every month or so to places I always dreamed of.  My husband and I took both of our parents to a dream trip to Germany together. I bought my dream car (the exact one that had been on my vision board for a while).  I paid off 25K in debt in 9 months (the same 9 months we saved for down payment on a house).  I get to work at home all day long with my husband by my side.  We started a business together. 

Truly, the list goes on. 

But it's not these actually things that are amazing and miraculous, the miracle is that I am able to be an energetic match for all that I desire.  That I know how to keep my energy aligned and use that energy to co-create what I desire.  That I have total freedom and power.  That I have learned how to create a life that I LOVE!

You have so much more power than you realize. 

Which brings me to this.....

Master your energy and master your life.  It starts with KNOWING YOURSELF.  The best way to do this in my opinion is through the chakra system. 

So ..... are you ready? Are you ready to heal and create the life of your dreams? 

  • Discover more about yourself and why you think and act the way you do so that you can HEAL and make the changes you deeply desire.
  • ​How to go deep into each of your chakras to clear stagnant energy - including limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back from living your highest potential
  • ​Understand the chakra system and exactly how to work with them to release your limiting beliefs/health issues/anything no longer serving you and instead move into the energy of working with them to manifest, RISE UP and create your dream life. 
  • ​Learn the top down chakra manifesting process to create the life of your dreams. 
  • ​Learn many spiritual practices and tools that will bring you success and fulfillment. 
  • Become your own healer- no matter what you are struggling with health-wise! (This stuff works). 
  • ​Become the most confident and happy version of yourself that you've ever felt.

​7 Transformational Modules with Alisha 

7 Full Length Chakra Yoga Classes

Weekly Affirmations, Guided Meditations and Journal Prompts 

ZBCC Workbook:  A workbook that you can print off to record your thoughts, do your HW and achieve your goals. 

Essential Oil Trainings: in depth trainings on using essential oils for balancing your chakras and get into alignment each and everyday!

7 Live Group Coaching Call Recordings for Each Module in Phase One - You will get access to the live group coaching call recordings for all of the Q&A students had last year (these are my favorite!)


Receive your very own Zen Babe Chakra mug when you pay in full! ($15.55 value)

Available if you choose the pay in full option.  I will send this to you in the mail :) 

Use this mug for your morning coffee and afternoon tea BOOST - an energetic alignment affirmation reminder!

BONUS Chakras and Kundalini with guest speaker Lexi Schaffer
BONUS Chakras and Crystals with guest speaker Christine Nicole
BONUS Enhancing Your Intuition with guest speaker, Psychic Medium Emily Greene
BONUS Light Turned On: 4 video chakra series with Alisha Leytem (plus one on essential oils + chakras)
BONUS True, Authentic You: 3 Part Chakra Alignment Video Series 
BONUS A Course on Trusting Your Intuition  2 part course with Alisha Leytem including a workbook, affirmations, 3 hours of video content, angel card reading tutorial and more!

You get access to these 11 video trainings IMMEDIATELY upon enrollment.  These trainings alone are valued at at LEAST $500.  The videos include guided meditations, tools, education and exact "how-to's" to begin balancing your chakras and attracting your desires! People who apply these trainings get beautiful results - and you can start with these bonuses RIGHT AWAY upon enrollment!

Meet Alisha 

Alisha is the founder of Zen Babe® and facilitator of Zen Babe Moon Circles and Zen Babe Retreats. She is a transformational coach for women and couples and is well trained as a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, retreat facilitator, course creator and business mentor.  

Alisha's transformation methods include chakra healing, emotional balance, manifestation and aligning the mind, body and soul to reclaim your life and attract your deepest desires. 

Alisha has completely transformed her life and is on a mission to help you do the same.  Her life story gives a glimpse into her rapid shift in frequency and energy: originally from the midwest, Alisha and her husband moved to California to uplevel and grow Alisha's business. 3 short years later, they purchased their dream home in the SoCal mountains and her husband started his own successful business. In the 5 years Alisha has been building her business, she has helped thousands of women get healthy, get happy and take big action in their own lives.  

Alisha credits her successes to her energy, her mindset and her dedication to learning and taking action. 

Creating a life you love is about knowing yourself, mastering your energy and taking action in the face of fear.  She is not special and promises you can transform your own life! Are you ready for the next level of YOU? 

 Alisha offers workshops, speaking, private coaching, retreats, and online courses.You can find her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube @alishaleytem   Originally from Iowa, she now lives in Lake Arrowhead, California with her business partner and husband, Michael, and their adopted maltipoo. 
HEAL and CLEAR your blocks through the chakras

This self-study course is 7 weeks of diving into your chakras to clear your blocks and create balance!  In this phase we teach you how to understand and balance your chakras with a variety of spiritual rituals.  Each week's content includes: video trainings, full-length yoga classes, guided meditations, affirmations, workbooks, and essential oil trainings. 

Week One: Root Chakra. Learn Alisha's root chakra process for feeling grounded, safe, supported, centered, and get really excited about taking great care of yourself, your body + life so you can kick those feelings of worthlessness and fear the curb. 

Week Two:  Sacral Chakra. This week you will learn how to become aware of your feelings, let go, have fun, express yourself creatively + sexually and enjoy all of life's pleasures. Because pleasure = EXPANSION!

Week Three:  Solar Plexus Chakra. Is going to help you safely unblock your limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Using a variety of techniques to raise your confidence and your energy, Alisha will guide you through the extremely important process of increasing your willpower, self-esteem and courage. 

Week Four:  Heart ChakraIt's time to focus on cleansing away the sadness, betrayal, hurt and rejection out of your heart this week. We're going to focus on bringing you to a state filled with self-love, compassion, learn to trust others, and heal your relationships. 

Week Five:  Throat Chakra. Let Alisha guide you through the process of using your voice, speaking your mind and standing up for yourself! This week you will learn where you aren't living your truth and instead start living your authentic truth and be comfortable expressing yourself. 

Week Six:  Third Eye Chakra. INTUITION. This week Alisha will teach her step-by-step process to hear and trust your intuition to know the answers you're seeking and make the best decisions for your life!

Week Seven: Crown Chakra. I love this week! Week 7 will give you the ultimate tool, one that you will come back to over and over again: a spiritual relationship of your own understanding. This is such an enlightening week as we wrap up phase one that will leave you feeling spiritual, connected to your angelic side and the ultimate sense of inner-peace. 

This chakra program is held completely online as a self-study curse. 

You get access to the course on a program portal (lifetime access - including any updates I make!)

You receive immediate access to the course content after you enroll!

You have unlimited replays and lifetime updates to this program.

Check your email upon enrolling to access the course :) 

(If you have any questions email

How many times a year is this course available? 
This course is available year round as a self-study course. 
How is the course content delivered? 
You will receive a special link to register for the Zen Babe Chakra + Creation Cleanse Portal.  You have access to the content forever, including new content we add each year!
What if I can't keep up with the course or run out of time? 
You have lifetime access! You can go at your own pace and return to the course forever in the future. Unlimited replays available. 
Question you have that isn't here? 
Please email support: and we will get back to you ASAP!

Get INSTANT access to this course when you enroll!!!!

(We are hosting a chakra alignment retreat in the Southern California Mountains in July 2020 based on this course.  You can attend the retreat and this course is free).  ENROLLMENT FOR THE ZEN BABE CHAKRA ALIGNMENT RETREAT IS OPEN (YOU WILL GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE COURSE WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR THE RETREAT). 

ENROLLMENT FOR THE RETREAT IS OPEN UNTIL FILLED! WE ARE AT 80% CAPACITY RIGHT NOW. The pre-retreat coaching calls begin in March 2020.  Learn about the retreat here:

*Due to the nature of this course, refunds aren't available (we haven't had a single refund request in the 3.5 years of this program)

*If you enroll, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 
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