•  Do you desire to put the happy back in your happy holidays?  
  •  Do you want to have more energy and joy as you do 'all the things' at the end of the year?!
  •  Do you want to keep your self-care a priority even though you are a total "giver" at heart? 
  •  Are you wondering what it would feel like to have boundaries and protect your time at this time of the year? 
  •  Do you want to learn how to be PRESENT during the time of the year you love so much? 
  •  Are you super intrigued about using essential oils to manage your mood and general wellness? 
  •  Do you dream about having a truly peaceful holiday with your loved ones and end the year feeling GOOD - physically, mentally and emotionally? 
What Is Zen Holiday? 
The Zen Babe Chakra Cleanse is a 3 week online program that teaches you how to use essential oils, supplements and spiritual tools in an easy and effective way to experience a more peaceful, present and joyful holiday season (and carry it with you year-round!)
During Zen Holiday, I'll Show You...
  • How to keep your truth and calm mind during the holidays.
  •  How to use essential oils throughout the holidays to have more energy and feel your best!
  •  To improve your relationships with your loved ones
  •  How to create and KEEP boundaries using spiritual tools and essential oils
  • Do self-care throughout the day that is less than 30 seconds (anyone can do that!)
  •  Be TRULY happy, present and joyful this holiday season. 
What You Can Expect In 
'Zen Holiday'
You will feel supported, guided and that an entire community has your back throughout the holidays - (connection....what we all crave!).  You will completely nourish your body with plant magic of essential oils, meditation, upgrading your mindset and LOVING your life!  Here's what you'll receive: 
  • 3 Eye-Opening and Uplifting Audio Trainings
  • Worksheet PDFs For Corresponding Lesson
  • Healthy eCookbook (25 healthy recipes)
  • eBook and Zen Holiday Masterclass!
  • A Community Who "Gets You"
  • 3 Live Group Coaching Sessions (Bonus)
  • The Opportunity To Manage Your Mood + Emotions During Holidays
  • Essential Oil Education (Priceless!!)

The Course Content
Your support system and tools BEGINS!!  Before we officially start on December 7th, you will receive access to the 2 hour masterclass and eBook showcasing everything you need to know for the program.  You will also receive audio trainings and weekly LIVE Q&A sessions in a private FB group to support you along the way!

Part 1: Self-Care + YOU FIRST
In the first week of this program, you will learn simple and easy ways to put yourself first - especially during one of the busiest times of the year! You'll learn how to think differently and more creatively with how you care for yourself AND how to use pure essential oils during your day (3 EASY rituals that take 30 seconds or less) that will have a profound effect on how you feel throughout the day!
Part 2: Boundaries and the Art of No
As we head into the 2nd part of this program we are going to dive into how create and keep boundaries for yourself with others, your time and more! You will be guided through exactly how to create and KEEP boundaries for yourself this year- and doing it with essential oils that are perfect for energetically holding space for you and of course beautiful spiritual life tools to help you think differently around this. 

Part 3: Peace Starts With YOU
One of the most-life changing and important topics for us to cover- HOW to keep your own inner peace among all of the craziness of the season! You will learn incredible tools (our top ways to use essential oils to support us with those tough conversations, questions, handling things you don't know how to answer and so much more!  You aren't going to want to miss this one. 

In this program we will teach you exactly how to use the world's best essential oils to experience better health, more energy, better moods, easier relationships and a MORE during the holiday season (and the rest of the year!) 

We trust and use oils from a company called doTERRA - the world's #1 essential oil company.  Please scroll down to read options on how to enroll and you will see that by purchasing a kit of the essential oils we are using, you can get Zen Holiday for free.  If you already have a doTERRA account, there are options for you as well!
How To Enroll In Zen Holiday 
Please Note: We use the world's best Essential Oils In This Course.  Please read through all of the options to enroll and for you to have the correct essential oils/supplements needed. 
Option #1
1 payment of $222

*This option is for you if you have a doTERRA account with someone other than Zen Babe Essential Oil Tribe.
Purchase The Home Essentials Kit for $275* And Zen Holiday is FREE!
(+ option to add other recommended oils to your purchase!)
Option #3
Are You Already A Member of the Zen Babe Essential Oil Tribe?  This program is FREE for you! Please click the button below to join the FB Group where the program will be held.  We love spoiling you with massive value!!!

What Are You Waiting For?
Your Time Is Now. 
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